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From Hit to Lead at the Speed of Light


Search by ID

To get to the Search by ID page select the Search | Search by ID link. You can search the Hit2Lead Database for compounds by using a certain ID number or several ID numbers as a list, which can be uploaded into the program.

The resulting query will generate only those compounds in the Search Results that completely fit the searching options. You can select the number of structures to be displayed per page in the Search Results area.

Compound ID

If you know the ChemBridge compound ID number (usually 7-8 digits long, with only numbers, no letters or any other characters), you can search our database for this compound by entering the ID number. If you have several compounds to search for, simply enter all of them in the search box.

List file

If you have a list (.lst file) of ID numbers that you would like to query, you may upload the entire list file for searching. On the Search by ID page, simply click the Browse button, find the file on your computer, and click ok. Then click the blue Search button.

The imported file should be a plain text file containing only compound ID numbers. It is also possible to import an ISIS/Base list file containing the ID numbers from the Hit2Lead database. ID numbers that are incorrectly formatted or do not exist as actual ChemBridge ID numbers will not be able to be accepted by the program.

Additional Options

You can refine your search by setting some limits that are defined by the Additional Option choices.


Some compound groups/classes can be excluded from the Search Results by selecting the appropriate boxes in Exclude compounds with section of this additional search refinement tool.