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Structure Search

To get to the structure search page select Search | Structure search on the main menu. Then you can conduct your compound query by any of the following methods:

The resulting query will generate only those compounds in the Search Results that completely fit the searching options.

Structure search

The Accelrys® JDraw applet and the Chemaxon Marvin applet are both compact cross-browser applets that enable drawing and editing of chemical structures. Both applets are Java-based, so they use the browser's built in JavaScript to conduct searches. Please use whichever applet is more convenient for you.

Regardless of which applet is chosen, to draw a structure, simply click the structure input box. This will pop open the program's interface, where you will have access to all the industry-standard structure drawing tools. Once the structure is drawn, simply close the interface, and the structure will be automatically transferred to the structure input box on the search page. Then you can set any special filters below the structure input box, and once you click the blue Search button at the bottom, the search will commence.

You can perform three different searches by making the appropriate selection in the Search Parameters right below the structure input box:

Additional Options

You can refine your search by setting some limits that are defined by the Additional Option choices.

Functional groups

This option is utilized when searching for building blocks only. Various functional groups can be entered: mono-functional, bi-functional or multi-functional.

Building block compounds are also classified by functional groups. There are only those compounds in the search results, which belong to any one of marked groups.


Some compound groups/classes can be excluded from the Search Results by selecting the appropriate boxes in Exclude compounds with section of this additional search refinement tool.

Recent Structures

Your query will be saved in the Recent Structures section in chronological order to the right of the structure input box. To copy one of your recent structures back to the structure input box, simply click on the structure, and it will appear in the box.