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From Hit to Lead at the Speed of Light


Search by Name or SDF or CAS/MFCD

Search by Name

You can search for compounds by their chemical name. Simply enter the chemical name of the compound (example: 9-anthracenecarbaldehyde N-phenylsemicarbazone), and click Search. Please note that due to many various ways of writing chemical names, this method of searching is not completely reliable.

Search by SDF

You can do search for compound by uploading an existing SDF (.sdf file) to the site. On the Search by SDF page, simply click the Browse button, find the file on your computer, and click ok. Then click the blue Search button. The site will use the information in the SDF for the search.

Search by CAS/MFCD

Lastly, you can use a CAS# (Chemical Abstract Service number) or MFCD# (MDL's unique ID number) to search for compounds. These are industry-standard numbers that can be found in most chemistry databases. Not all ChemBridge items have CAS or MFCD numbers associated with them.