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From Hit to Lead at the Speed of Light


Search Results

Add selections to basket

The results of your search are displayed on the Search Results page. For each item in the search, all of the available amounts are shown to the right of the structure. Please note that Hit2Lead has up-to-date availability, so what you see is exactly what is available. Select compounds you want to add to your basket by checking the appropriate amounts next to the desired structure. You may also change pack quantity at this time, if desired. By default, the quantity is set to 1.

If you are satisfied with your selection choices, simply click the blue Add to basket button below the amounts. Then all compounds that you have selected within your query will automatically be added to your basket.

Add all to basket

The “Additional ordering option” field is a special function that can be used when ordering many compounds at a time. It lets you simultaneously add to the basket all the items from your search results in any specific amount (you have to set a minimum and a maximum acceptable amount).

For example, if you have 100 compounds that all need to be ordered in 50mg amounts, but you're willing to accept a minimum of 2mg if 50mg isn't available, you would put 2mg as the minimum and 50mg as the maximum, and then click the Add all to basket button. This would add to the basket all items from your search results that are available as 50mg. For those items that aren't available as 50mg, it would add the next available amount, all the way down to the minimum of 2mg.

By using this function, you would avoid having to individually checkmark each of the 100 compounds.

When ordering only a few compounds at a time, you can simply select the needed amount for each individual compound and click the Add to basket button (there's one next to each compound). This would add only the samples that you've actually manually checkmarked.

Save search results as list or SD file or Excel file

At the top of the Search Results page, you will see this phrase: “Save search results as list or SDF or MS Excel”. To save the results as one of these files, simply click on the appropriate link and then save the file to your computer.

Refine search results

Search results can be enlarged or restricted by using the refine search results option. Click on the Refine search results link, enter new search options and click on the Search button.

Narrow my results — Only samples that fit the new search criteria will remain in the search results. All other samples will be removed.

Exclude from my results — Samples that fit the new search criteria will be removed from the search results. All other samples will remain.

Add to my results — Samples that fit the new search criteria will be added to the existing search results. Nothing will be removed.

New Search — This simply starts a completely new search.