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From Hit to Lead at the Speed of Light


All My Baskets

A list of all your shopping baskets is available by clicking the Baskets link at the top of the page. Your most recent basket will be highlighted on the list. Previous shopping baskets will be saved on® for 6 months since the last updated basket.


To remove (delete) a basket, check the appropriate box next to the basket and click on the “Remove” button at the bottom.

View basket

Compounds that you selected from a recent query will only be added to the current basket. To place an order from any basket, you must first make it current. The View button activates your chosen basket as “current“ and allows you to view the selections contained within it.

Combine selected baskets

You can combine (merge) two or more selected baskets into a new one. To do so, check the appropriate boxes next to the baskets and click on the “Combine” button at the bottom.