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From Hit to Lead at the Speed of Light



Screening Compounds®, a division of ChemBridge Corporation, offers unmatched availability of the most comprehensive collection of drug-like chemical entities through its proprietary e-commerce portal. With over 1,000,000 compounds in stock,® offers convenient access to ChemBridge's screening compounds. With the growing number of targets, screens, and screening compounds, hit follow-up has become a critical bottleneck of modern drug discovery.® is geared to address this bottleneck with the best Internet-accessible chemical tools available.® supports compound queries based on chemical structure and other molecular parameters relevant in discovery research with one of the fastest and most user-friendly search engines.

All compounds meet the high quality standard of 100% identification by NMR and/or LC-MS and have the following purity levels:® clients have access to Excel and SD files of their selected compounds in a secure and encrypted environment.

The security for this site is provided by VeriSignTM Commerce Site Services and enables visitors to verify our site's authenticity and to communicate with it securely via state-of-the-art SSL encryption, which protects confidential information from interception. Structure searches can safely and easily be performed by using one of several available drawing tools. The default tool is JavaScript-based Ketcher. An alternate JavaScript tool, Elemental, is also available. Lastly, two different Java drawing tools, Marvin and JDraw, are available as alternatives.

Compounds with 7-digit IDs belong to ChemBridge’s EXPRESS-Pick compound collection. Most are supplied as dry powders, with some possible oils/liquids.

Compounds with 8-digit IDs belong to ChemBridge’s CORE Library collection and are supplied as dry films.

For more information on these two compound collections, please see